Take Care What You Hear                               4/24/21

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In today′s culture, most everyone world wide has studied (or at least heard in passing) some revered teaching of the highly acclaimed 19th century German philosopher, Friederick Nietzsche. From grade schooler to any of the most intelligent thinkers on the planet, Nietzsche is idolize for his contemplative thoughts. Perhaps the worlds favorite saying is, God is dead.

As an atheist, Nietzsche did not believe in God, and considered himself a free thinker. He tickled the ears of Western Europe empires with words they wanted to hear—that because the idea of God was dead (or not fashionable), they no longer needed a reason for an Almighty God to be creditable. According to Bigthink.com, “Europe no longer needed God as the source for all morality, value, or order in the universe; philosophy and science were capable of doing that for us.” Sounds good to an European society that was quickly turning from a form of godliness. Nietzsche appeared to understand, he had hit on the formula that would help to topple many “so‐called” Christian′s faith; a faith that was not founded on the Rock—the Word of God. He consider he was helping to free those people, just as many today feel by their desire to reprogram Christians. However, on the national level, these free thinking ideas gave way to governments that, on the surface, made the citizen believe he was governing himself. He was working for the common good of his nation—such ideas as Nazism, Communism or Nationalism—all of which are alive today. The key idea that all these “isms” have is, that the God of the Bible is not included. And, that is where we need to be today, if we are living in the latter days of the last days.

So who was Friederick Nietzsche? According to one source, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Friederick was German born in the year of 1844. Nietzsche′s father was a Lutheran minister, however, his father died when he was four or five years old. Raised by his mother, the young Nietzsche was considered a brilliant student attending the finest schools. While studying at the University of Bonn, after two semesters, he transferred to the University of Leipzig, studying Philology. Here he met the composer Richard Wagner (just a note, this composer was a favorite of Adolf Hitler). Unfortunately, the relationship deteriorated. Some historians say it was due to the affair he was having with Wagner′s wife. Some insist the adulterous affair was agreed upon by Wagner and his wife. Some claim that Wagner and his wife had separated before the affair. Some suggest Nietzsche did not feel comfortable with Wagner′s new project. Whatever the reason, Nietzsche did end his relationship with the composer, but did have two children by Wagner′s wife—although he never married her. He continued writing books, which included such philosophical ideas as, God is dead and self perfection that can be obtained through creative drive and a will to power. He also had the concept of a super‐man, an individual who strives to exist beyond conventional categories of good and evil, master and slave. These ideas were especially appealing to a later German government labeled, the Nazi Party or Third Reich, which toppled the former German Weimar Republic. If you have never studied the Weimar Republic, it is a very interesting read. Check out this link.

Nietzsche′s life from here is less happy—he suffers from mental health issues. The cause of his mental health is unclear, although the speculations range from syphilis, inherited brain disease, or maybe a tumor and over‐use of sedative drugs. He died at his family′s home in 1900; his mother (and later his sister) taking care of him.

However, Nietzsche′s ideas have not died. Even over one hundred years later, his worshipers are valiant to preach his teachings—and many of those teachings sound wise, but are they? Why is any of this of any importance to a Bible Prophecy student? Because the Bible Prophecy student needs to understand the hand of God, or God′s providence that runs (also called by some as, the golden thread) through‐out history and has run since the beginning. Simply put, Almighty God, the Great “I AM”, is in control and He has set forth a series of prophecies that have and will continue to come to pass.

It is written, Now the Spirit expressly declares that in later times (this time frame, the latter times, represents from the rebirth of Israel through the Millennium) some will fall away from the faith, giving heed (or paying attention) to deceiving spirits and the teachings of demons;¬†through the hypocrisy of men (or, such teachings come from the hypocrisy of liars) who teach falsely and have their own consciences seared (or burned) as with a hot iron‐1 Tim 4:1‐2 (WEY) and (JNT). Nietzsche′s writings have over‐turned the faith of many. Even worse, some so‐called Bible teachers have added Nietzsche′s theories to Bible teachings—and most that listen to them don′t even know they are listening to the doctrines of deceiving spirits, because they do not take time to read the Bible for themselves. Satan is very clever—he is wiser than the wisest man that ever lived. He knows the ways that be of men. Check out this link for what Satan does to people. He has had thousands of years of experience deceiving people. You are no match for him—that is the reason you MUST stay in the Bible. You must not only have devotional time, but a time to study, and memorize God′s Word. Hide it in your hearts, put on the whole armor of God. If you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, then you are in a fight—a fight for your soul. If you would like to learn more about Jesus, check out this link.

Across Europe, the majority of young people (ages 16 to 29) proclaim themselves as non‐religious. The number of non‐religious young people is also on the rise in the U.S. According to Professor Stephen Bullivant at St Mary′s University in London, ″Religion was (is) “moribund (which means it is dead)…With some notable exceptions (like in Israel), young adults increasingly are not identifying with or practicing religion.” Those who do practice a particular religion, in most cases are not worshiping the God of the Bible.

According to a Pew Research article, “many churches and seminaries (are) slowly dispensing with the traditional notion of ‘the divine’ in favor of a God who was more symbolic than real.” When you do not preach the God of the Bible—what′s left? Why go to church? This has left many denominations, in this Laodicean Church period, to scramble to try to save their churches—they are literally going bankrupt. Besides trying to think up church activities like question and answer time instead of a sermon, many churches have donned their lobbies with food vending machines or even live grills and espresso bars. They have also included pool tables, skate board tracks, bowling allies, board games and many other collection of hobbies that one can do at church while watching the service on the giant TV screen. Churches have even brought in Gospel rock concerts to try to reinvent excitement within the younger generation.

But, by turning to these methods, the church has left off the most important thing—the preaching of the cross‐ref 1 Cor 1:18. Perhaps it seems foolishness to them. Unto the true born‐again believer—it is the power of God. Here is an example of how the old church was conducted. People would meet together. It did not have to be in a building, it could be under a tree. They would start by singing. They sang for two reasons. First, it gave a little extra time for people to get to church. Secondly, those old hymns expressed one′s gratitude toward God for His mercies, or praised Him for His greatness, or convicted the sinner of the error of his ways. Tear‐stained faces use to sing while they were humbled due to the realization of their sins. After hearing a Scripture‐filled message by the pastor, the heart was soft. Suddenly they realized that Jesus took all of their sins, nailing them to His cross and the load they once carried was gone and they no longer desired to sin—that is a true conversion. Sadly, only a few have experienced this in today′s culture. Today′s Preachers (many of whom do not even believe the Bible is the absolute perfect Word of God) give watered‐down messages—messages so watered down they do not even contain one Scripture. But, they do contain thoughts from progressive thinkers like Nietzsche.

It is sad we live in a generation who has been taught through, not only the public school system, entertainment and news industry, but even through personal mentors, the teachings of a person who was considered mentally challenged. We revere a person who lived in great sin, above the One who committed no sin—Jesus. Consider, most people today could not recite one of the Ten Commandments—let alone all ten. Most people today have never bothered to picked up a Bible, they know nothing about sin, or grace, or faith and they are not taught about these basic church doctrines on Sunday.

There is a hymn from 1933 that starts like this, “I serve a risen Savior, He′s in the world today; I know that He is living, whatever men may say.” Why can the writer be so sure? Today, many believe the praised Nietzsche who, without shame stated, “God is dead”. Yes, the Son of God, Jesus, died on the cross to pay for iniquity, or in plain terms—your sins‐ref Eph 2:13‐19; Col 1:20; Col 2:14; Heb 10:12. However, Jesus rose from the grave and now sits on the right hand of God‐ref Mk 16:19; Acts 7:55,56; 1 Pet 3:2. He is alive! And, for those few who are His followers, He is not out of fashion. Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. The rest of the verse is very sad, they said, We will not walk therein-Jer 6:16. That is where we are today. People are saying they will not walk in the old paths, where is the good way. They are following the teachings of people like Friederick Nietzsche—teachings that tickle their ears.

What is the purpose of covering these ideas? To show we are living during the time just before the Rapture. The world must be filled with sin. Peoples′ thoughts need to be thinking evil continually. These are a few of the signs that the Rapture is on the door‐step. It is extremely close and if you are reading this you will have no excuse as to why you did not commit your life to Jesus Christ. (Click here to learn how to be saved).

The Bible tells us, after Jesus rose from the dead and had appeared to a few of the disciples, some of the apostles did not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. It is written that, Jesus appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen‐Mk 16:14. Jesus is full of truth‐Jn 1:14. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by Him‐ref Jn 14:6. It is also written, ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free‐Jn 8:32. Be not deceived, all the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but, the Lord weigheth the spirits (examines the motives‐{NAS})‐Pr 16:2. Surrender your life to Jesus before it is too late.

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Is it Peace?                               3/26/21

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One would think that after centuries of quarrels, regional conflicts, battles, not mention two World Wars, that people would have a handle on how to have peaceful relationships. Peace is defined as a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations. Although peace is something most people desire, it has not always been obtainable.

In 2019, the International Community of the Red Cross (ICRC), asked 16,000 Millennials (ranging between the ages of twenty to thirty‐five) how they felt about war. From Afghanistan, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, the Palestinian territory, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Syria, Ukraine, United Kingdom to the United States, the results were not particularly surprising. Although, the people living in war torn countries, or territories, have some differing opinions than those who live in countries where peace prevails. Here are some of the results.

The survey revealed that while 74% believe most wars can be avoided, 47% of Millennials believe it is highly likely a third World War will happen in their life time, and 54% believe a nuclear attack will happen within the next ten years. So, if the globalist, or climate change community are not correct and due to climate change the world will burn up within the next ten years—Millennials believe the world will have a nuclear attack. Just a note, the Bible indicates Millennials are correct.

In case you missed the update from January 2021, the doomsday clock is now set to 100 seconds (or 1 minute and 40 seconds) before midnight (which is 20 seconds closer than they reset it in 2019). Further proof that people can see the handwriting on the wall. Something is about to happen and no matter how the world wants to explain it away, or try to solve it—it is still going to happen, no matter what they try to do. See our blog of July 28, 2019, Five Questions, for a similar study.

So, what is this happening and how does this fit in with Bible Prophecy? The Bible refers to it as the Tribulation, a time of God′s wrath‐ref Ez 34:16; the anger of the Lord‐ref Jer 23:20, and many other references. But, before the Tribulation begins, the Bible forewarns of the removal of all born‐again Christians from the earth.

As delightful as this may seem to some, a removal of all born-again Christians means a world ruled by Satan, also known as the Father of lies-Jn 8:44, the adversary-1 Pe 5:8, the lawless one-2 Thes 2:9 NIV and many other names (check out this link for more). Make no mistake, even though the god of this world (Satan) will rule through the Anti‐Christ, that does not mean he is in full control. The one and only true God allows him a certain time to reign in order for him to fulfill Bible prophecy. You can check out more about this here.

Can you understand what a world without morality would look like? Even now, the hearts of men are drawing colder and colder. The Scriptures describe a time when men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, slanderers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self‐control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness although they have denied its power‐2 Tim 3:2‐5 (NAS). You may say, people have been like that since time began. Not quite, presently the Spirit of lawlessness is some what being held back. Once the Rapture happens and all those believers who have God′s Spirit dwelling in them have left, the spirit of lawlessness will be released, and the Antichrist will come forth. No, you can not image having no one to love or care about you, no one to trust, no one to help you when you need help medically, or financially, or spirituality. Oh, there will be a world church. The headquarters are located in a city that sits on seven hills‐ref Revelation chapter 17. But, they will not be like the churches which you may be familiar.

Why a Tribulation? God is a God of love. Because the Creator of this world is angry. Because as the Gospel has gone out throughout all the world, most people, in particularly the Jews, have forgotten God, or disdain Him‐ref Is 17:4‐11. The Tribulation is a time to feed Israel with judgment as they have turned from the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob‐ref Ez 34:16. It is a time to punish the world for their evil and the wicked for their iniquity‐ref Is 13:11. For God is going to give everyone according to their ways and according to the fruit of their doings‐ref Jer 32:19. The Tribulation comes because sins have increased‐ref Jer 30: 14,15. It will be a time to destroy sinners‐ref Is 13:9. To cause the Jewish people to seek their Messiah and to be obedient to His voice‐ref Deut 4:29,30. To sanctify God′s great name‐ref Ez 36:22,23. The Tribulation happens to fulfill all things which are written‐ref Lk 21:22.

You may have many more questions about the Tribulation, click on this link.

Make no mistake, the Tribulation period is the worse time since man has been on the earth. This horrible time occurs as we are nearing the end of this generation period. For a perception of how close the Rapture and Tribulation are, check out this chart.

You ask, what can I do? You must receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You must read your Bible faithfully and start obeying what you have read. You must love your neighbor as your self and most importantly, your must love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength. There is no other escape. After this life, there is only heaven or hell and once your soul is demanded of you, it will be to late to change your mind.

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