2018—Should the World Tremble?   Week of 6/10/2018

Photo of Russia's newest weapontry for 2018.

It is written, When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be frightened; those things must take place; but that is not yet the end‐Mark 13:7 (NAS).

Since Adam′s spiritual fall in the garden, the earth has been filling itself with violence. Kings (or rulers) going to battle have been a common occurrence for millennia and will continue until the Millennium (click here for more detail).

The 2017 Global Peace index reveals the most unstable countries in the world are in the Middle East. Let′s take a look at how they stack up militarily. MIL PERS = Military Personnel, FTR AIRCFT = Fighter Aircraft, COMBAT TA = Combat Tanks, ROCKET PROJ = Rocket Projectors, AIRCFT CARRIERS = Aircraft Carriers, SUBS = Submarines and DES = Destroyers. Just because a country has no submarines or destroyers or fighter aircraft does not mean it is devoid of a navy or an air force. They may have other vessels or jets not on our list. Check out this source for a more complete accounting.

Syria 304,000 201 4,640 650 0 0 0
Iran 934,000 150 1,650 1,533 0 33 0
Turkey 710,565 207 2,446 418 0 12 0
Egypt 1,329,250 309 4,946 1,216 2 6 0
Jordan 170,600 36 1,321 88 0 0 0
Saudi Arabia 256,000 203 1,142 322 0 0 0
Iraq 318,000 23 389 30 0 0 0
Lebanon 116,000 0 294 30 0 0 0
Iran 934,000 150 1,650 1,533 0 33 0
Israel 615,000 252 2,760 148 0 6 0

Compared to the top three powers in the world:

USA 2,083,100 1,962 5,884 1,197 20 66 65
Russia 3,586,128 818 20,300 3,816 1 62 13
China 2,693,000 1,125 7,716 2,050 1 73 29

While the above figures do not represent countries with nuclear capabilities, it is usually considered a great military advantage to have a nuclear bomb or two. Also, traditional warfare fought in hand to hand combat would usually favor a military with the greatest number of personnel. However, history shows that this is not always true. For instance Israel, because she was under God protection, while being outnumbered by the enemy won great victories during many of her wars (War of Independence, 7 Day War, etc.). So, the size of the military personnel is not always a sign of conclusive victory.

As wars continue to increase in the Middle East (culminating to the Russian/Arab invasion of Israel), the major powers of this world are already posturing themselves. With new technologies always on the horizon, developers from all walks of life have an infinite number of ways to destroy their enemies and the world as we know it. Russia has been especially busy on this front. One of the most alarming weapons is the nuclear capable underwater drone called, Ocean Multipurpose System Status‐6 developed by Rubin Design Bureau, one of Russia′s submarine manufacturers. Russia reports it can be outfitted with a 100‐megaton nuclear warhead; and, according to Russian TV (from 2015), the drone has a range of 6,200 miles, a top speed in excess of 56 knots and can descend into depths of 3,280 feet. The top brass of the Russian Navy has said the drone′s miniature nuclear power plant has successfully passed operational tests giving their fleet a variety of options while in enemy waters. Some have projected those options include a rocket causing a 300 foot tsunami enabling an enemy naval base to be submerged.

And if that is not intimidating enough, Ynetnews.com has reported Russia has attempted and succeeded with the longest surface to air missile launch. It comes from the new S‐500 aerial defense system which intercepted a target almost 300 miles away. This is almost 50 miles better than previously tested missiles. It is also suppose to intercept missiles, drones, and even stealth fighters like the F‐35 which is used by the Israeli Air Force.

Speaking of Air Forces, the newest Russian war fighter jet is the SU‐57. This is supposed to put fear in all who pilot the American F‐22. This Russian war jet is not exactly stealth, but it has mounted radars that allows it to excel at a tactic called, “beaming” which means it will trick the radars on any of the US stealth jets. It is equipped with data link, integrated sensors and electronic warfare components. It even has an electrically enhanced optical sensor (a glorified telescope) which enables the pilot to use the optical eye piece to locate any stealth fighters, even if his sensors have provided only a general direction. As great as this jet sounds, not everyone is buying into the hype. Buyers for the Russian jet have backed out opting for American made stealth jets. But only time will tell if any of these new weapons are as good as the Russians say they are. If indeed they are as good as they’ve been made to sound, some of us may not be around to give a full report, but if you know Bible Prophecy this is not a surprise.

Will Russia invade Israel this year? Probably not, but, sometimes things move rather quickly in the Middle East. Will the Rapture happen tomorrow? No. Remember, there is a good possibility that Damascus will be turned into a ruinous heap before the Rapture, and Syria has had a lot of fighting in the surrounding areas of Damascus. Whether Damascus is destroyed or not before the Rapture are you ready to meet Jesus? You watch the news for end‐time events, but, are you watching out for your soul? It′s not a question if you know Jesus, but, does He know you?‐ref Mt 7:21-23. Be sure—your eternity depends on it.

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Photo: Russian drone from zerohedge.com, S-500 aerial defense system from ynetnews.com and the Su-57 jet from news.com.au. Design by End-Time.com.